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Why partner with Allergy Allies?

Simple; Better treatment for your patients/ Better revenue for your practice

60 million Americans have clinically significant allergies or asthma. That’s one in five. The disease affects many more patients than diabetes (17 million), cancer (10 million) or heart disease (7 million). And it’s getting more prevalent; studies show a 300% increase in allergies and asthma in the past two decades.

Meanwhile, traditional treatments are not helping patients. Traditional allergy shots carry a risk of life-threatening reactions while medications often have unwanted side-effects. And yet patients spent over $18 billion on allergy relief medications last year world wide. That means that patients are looking for better treatments and are willing to spend money on those therapies that they consider to have value.

Allergy Allies will partner with your practice to provide sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) – a safer, more effective and permanent solution for allergy symptoms that patients find valuable. We provide marketing and materials that show your patients why SLIT is a more cost effective and better performing treatment for their condition. They usually spend less on SLIT than they would on co-pays for allergy shots or medications. Meanwhile, SLIT provides a significant income stream for your practice; with a typical 5-year course of therapy, the revenue compounds every year.

And Allergy Allies remains your partner at every step of the process to ensure smooth operations.

Why Allergy Drops are the Treatment of choice?

  • Convenience of at-home treatment
  • Needle-free therapy
    (especially important for children)
  • Faster relief of symptoms
  • Improved safety compared to allergy shots
  • Permanent cure rather than just treating symptoms
  • Recommended by the World Health Organization