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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Allergy Allies sublingual immunotherapy, attack the root cause of the allergy instead of just treating the symptoms?

Allergy drops not only address the symptoms, but also address the root cause of the allergy, resulting in a permanent cure. Our patients, both children and adults, have found allergy drops to be their treatment of choice.

What is the difference between Sublingual Immunotherapy and traditional allergy treatments?

Unlike traditional allergy treatments which are administered in a doctor’s office by injection, Sublingual Immunotherapy drops are taken at your convenience at home. With Sublingual Immunotherapy there are no shots. Just use the drop dispenser to place the required drops under your tongue. Allergy drops allow continued allergy treatment even when traveling.

Are Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops safe?

YES. In fact, they are safer than traditional allergy shots. This form of allergy treatment has been used in Europe for the last 60 years. (see our supporting evidence page)

How long does it take for the drops to work?

After one month most patients report a 50% reduction in symptoms. By 6 to 9 months patients notice near complete resolution of symptoms. Meanwhile, patients receiving shots do not report any significant symptom relief until one year into therapy.

Who can be treated with allergy drops

Adults and children as young as 2 years old.

What illnesses can be treated?

Allergy drops will eliminate allergy symptoms and asthma triggers in children and adults. They have also been proven to prevent the development of asthma in susceptible children. In fact, the National Institutes of Health recommends immunotherapy for many patients with asthma and World Health Organization promotes allergy drops to prevent asthma in children.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

There are no serious side effects. In over 60 years of use in Europe, the most common side effect is tingling under the tongue. Rarely, mild to moderate wheezing occurred. Unlike treatment with shots, there are no reported cases of anaphylaxis.

Is there a taste to Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops?

There is slight sweet taste.

How often do I take Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops?

Once daily for 5 years. Individual treatment may vary. After 5 years, most patients can stop the drops without developing recurrent symptoms.

What type of allergies can be treated by Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops?

Sublingual Immunotherapy treats allergies caused by dogs, cats, grasses, weeds, trees, dust mites and mold.

What types of allergies cannot be treated?

Sublingual Immunotherapy cannot be used to treat allergies caused by foods or stinging insects.