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Why Allergy Drops are the Treatment of Choice:

  • Convenience of at-home treatment
  • Needle-free therapy
    (especially important for children)
  • Faster relief of symptoms
  • Improved safety compared to allergy shots
  • Permanent cure rather than just treating symptoms
  • Recommended by the World Health Organization

Allergy Allies Can Help…

The founding medical directors of Allergy Allies are all board certified physicians with over 30 years of combined experience in treating patients with allergies. Since the landmark publication in 2006 documenting the safety and efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), millions of allergy sufferers worldwide have been treated and cured with allergy drops.

Allergy drops not only address the symptoms, but also address the root cause of the allergy, resulting in a permanent cure. Our patients, both children and adults, have found allergy drops to be their treatment of choice.

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